Thursday, June 24, 2010

KaBoogie Giveaway!

Spring is nuts. I can't believe the flurry of activity we blew through. Seems like I was lazing through winter and BAMMO. School activities, craft show fundraiser, wholesale orders, and finally, SPRING FLING!

I love making Spring Fling decorations. 70+ homeschooled kids look forward to this, not knowing what they're going to walk into. This year we gave them the 50's, complete with drive-in movie screen. I LOVE making props. This one was my favorite:

Next year, who knows?...

Oh! and by the way! If I haven't plastered it enough on facebook...
Check out RockerByeBaby for details
on how to win a pair
of eco-friendly,
soft soled KaBoogie moccasins!