Monday, June 29, 2009

What I've been working on...

Yes, I've been very busy! Even with the shows I've done in the last two weeks, I've stocked up on some new designs, I hope you like them! Usually, as I design on a whim, these would be one-of-a-kind (OOAK in Etsy speak) but as always, am happy to make any custom design you'd like! This skull wristlet is getting listed today, was thought up during our homeschool group Dungeons & Dragons game. A little inspiration never hurts!

This design was one I used on a tote, then a messenger bag, I like the bold graphic look of it without being too "frou frou". And of course, black is my fav, goes with anything.

I made these for my mom to give to a nice friend from church, but she ended up going with fuchsia mocs. I always like spreading out my mocs across the world, they're my own design, and I'm very eager to see LOTS of babies wearing them! This shoe is so sweet and traditional. Reclaimed leather, as always. Super soft and supple!

This is the last of my etched leather, I was able to make several pairs of shoes from it, and a wristlet. It's so very soft and pretty, neutral and mod! Listing these today also!


  1. LOVE that skull wristlet! Its always nice to do something a little edgy. The shoes look great as always! I may have my sister looking into buying shoes from ya. She fell in LOVE with Maylee's mocs. She has 3 grandbabies to buy for so i will see if I can give her a lil push in the right direction for their footwear (wink)

  2. I like the last pair of shoes! By the way, are these pictures of your house? It looks awesome!! You can hardly see house like this at my country...T.T

  3. The picture in my avatar? That is my parent's barn, it's almost 100 yrs old, in New England. No, they don't make em like that anymore for sure! What country do you live in? Thanks for the lovely compliment!