Sunday, August 23, 2009

Winding Down

Jeepers crows, man, summer fell on top of the cold, ugly spring like a big, sweaty, drooling St. Bernard, and just as soon it'll be bounding off to smother someone else. Meanwhile, it seems like there's a mad rush to fit in our quota of amusements before their first year in school starts. Oh, yes, this is PROOF that homeschoolers definitely have it made. When they're talking about the "freedom" associated with it, this is one reason why!

If you have kids in a large age range, you know how hard it is to amuse them all in the same places. The little kids can amuse themselves almost anywhere, as long as there's water or sand. This place we went to, Breezy Picnic Water Slides, in Douglas, MA seems to suit all of our needs. Hubby took a well deserved day off, and since #1 son was at encampment and we didn't have to secure a friend for him to stomp around with, it was an easy day.

The entire park is fenced in. It's not a large park, so you can pretty much relax, there's only one gate out. Finding your wandering 5 yr old is short work, especially since they can find you just as easily. There's plenty of picnic tables, the large grassy area is mostly under the shade of many large shade trees, and you can actually see most of the park from your table. Super family fun.
Some complain that it's an over priced park. You be the judge. It's $17 for a water slide bracelet, $6 or 7 for a park pass (no slides). I priced up Water Country, and it's $33 or so to get in. So, if you're a parent dragging around a 2 year old who can only play in the short waterscapes, you still pay. Breezy Picnic has only 3 slides, but the wait isn't nearly as long as one of those large park tube rides. Just sayin...

What I like the most, is that it's an old timey-feeling park without the strip mined landscape, you can sit under a tree, the crowds are actually bearable, and though the price seems steep, compared to the 1 1/2 hr away-double-the-price alternative, it's doable. The one huge problem with this park. If you fall at the top of your first slide ride, and dislocate your shoulder, having to leave the park, don't even bother asking for a pass to get in another time. Not even if there's a hurricane. Not ever. They're completely inflexible!

I'm sure you're all wrapping up summer activities, rejoicing in the coming of school. I'm mixed about it. I want my kids to have this school experience they wanted. I want to spend more time with my two youngest, and I want to give my KaBoogie biz more focused attention. However, I think this adjustment period will be harder on me than on them! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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  1. That looks like a fun park. We have one similar in Nashville and then another one that is like the other one you describe. Prices are very similar. BUT these all close when school starts which is the first week of August!!!! How dumb is that? I have one in a cast now so that's out anyway! Plus it is a whopping 73 here today! I'm chilly!