Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A New Venture

I met a lovely woman, the mother of one of my kid's schoolmates. She is a seamstress, like me, but she makes costumes for LARP, ren faires and CSA. She commissioned me to create some belt pouches to take with her this weekend to a LARP event. I gave her the outside rectangles to embroider, and WOW! The possibilities! They all use my typical recycled leather. I am excited because these use the heavier leather I am not able to make shoes from. They can be custom ordered in several colors, choices of images, or plain. Enjoy!

This butterfly mask she gave my daughter as a gift. See, I told you she was a lovely woman! These pouches can be direct ordered through me. Jo Jo is sporting a mask I had already, bought 20+ yrs ago, I may remake this one in leather. I will be working on a line of animal masks once the busy Christmas season is over.


  1. okay i'm interested!what does the silver dragon go for?

  2. I just wanna know what LARP is! You are so crafty :)