Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Silly Family Things

We have this game we like to play. Well, it's not even a game, it's a big joke. Started with my oldest daughter wanting to play "the color game". Would've been fun if we ever actually got to play it, but the joke was even funnier. Goes like this:

Everyone picks a color, and announces it. Then you go around the table and everyone has like 2 seconds to point at someone and say their color. You hesitate or get it wrong and you're out.

But hubby decided to make the game more interseting one night.

Daughter..."Let's play the color game!"

All chime in..."I'm red, I'm chartreuse, I'm BUTTERSCOTCH (see, the harder the get it)".

Now we have 8 colors to remember. Except now everyone decides to change, and we've descended into the stupidest color contest.

Hubby "Let's play the superhero game!"

All chime in with their superhero..."I'm RUBBERMAN!", "I'm DIAPERMAN!"...and on and on, louder and louder, laughing and arguing.

Daughter...."Oh, C'mon, let's just play the color game!!", as face gets redder and redder.

Hubby...."Let's play the favorite vegetable game!" Now I have to cover my ears.

Chaos, mayhem, foolishness ensue, game never actually gets played.

Family fun time at Red Squadron, hehe.

Then there's the "sentence game". This one can actually be pretty funny. We like to play speed rounds with just two people. Basically, one person starts a sentence, and the next person says the next word. You have absolutely no control over what turn the sentence takes, and it can get pretty bizarre. Like this:


But put a 6, 8, 11 and 3 year old with a 13, 15, and two adults, and you have absolute and utter nonsense (if you didn't think that one was silly). Especially when one child decides to say the same word over and this:


Dinnertime fun.


  1. LOL love this Audrey!!!!! :)

  2. i love the red squadron!! All 8 are superheroes in my eyes!! i will have to play those games with Julian, Andrew and Sheldon!!! :)

  3. crabs ate you?????!!! :)

    Sounds like fun!

  4. This sounds like fun! We play the "animal game" where you describe the animal and others guess what it is. My now 4yr old ALWAYS uses one of our cats... "It's black and white..." and then answers it herself "It's Brigham!!" :)

  5. Sounds like our version of "20 Questions" except said small child says....I am thinking of something....IT'S A PUMPKIN! lol!

    Normally 20 Questions is more like 48 questions. We just keep going until we figure it out.