Thursday, August 19, 2010

KaBoogie on Zibbet!

I've decided to give another venue a go. Yea, yea, I've done this before. Like many Etsy sellers, I get that feeling like it may be a good fit, if I give it enough time, and put a good effort in at promoting it.

So I'm starting with my winter boots, and wholesale moccasins. There's obviously a growing desire out there for quality handcrafted items, and although each major category is filled with lovely goods for all, when you feel you've found a niche, it's best to get it right out there and be seen by as many potential customers as possible!

I read a plethora of wonderful articles daily on marketing your shop, riding the social networking wave, linking, linking, linking, and all I can think is, hey! I can do that! I'm diving into this with both feet, 2 arms and hopefully, my head screwed on straight, so when I saw Zibbet recently, it just appealed to me as a new and growing venue.

I'll be listing winter items, mostly boots, there for a while, as the winter rush seems to be coming a bit early this year, so look for many new KaBoogie items there soon!

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