Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Big Day

I know, I know. A zillion moms have sent their kids off to their first day of school, new lunch box in hand, big boys and girls off and away from home for the first time. In first grade or kindergarten. It's just weird when the kid having their first day is 15. or 12, or 10, or 7. Since I've never done that scene, I get to do it now times 4. I told the high school teacher I felt like a big dork because I'm almost teary watching a kid who looks like a grown up sitting at his work table and I'm jealous because she gets to spend the day with him and I don't.

I remember when a (former) friend, who was sending her 5 year old off to kindergarten, was all weepy and told me so in an email. I wrote back that I felt for her, but I was keeping mine home so I could enjoy the time with him and educate him myself. She wrote back asking me why I was so "disenfranchised" with the idea of institutional schooling. Well, stupid me took the obvious bait and sent the laundry list of reasons why I was going to homeschool.

Bad idea. I got back a scathing condemnation of why secluding my kids was bad for them (if she only knew how full our social calendar was!). She said I should go live in a commune, that I thought I was smarter than teachers and everyone else on the planet (well, ya, lol! KIDDING) After my indignation passed, I laughed and realized that nothing I could say to her would make her understand the joy of seeing your child develop his or her intellect with your guidance and care.

Eleven years later, I am still so happy to have had the privilege of sharing my children's education. And am still blessed to continue this with my youngest two. This year will be a challenge for all of us on different levels, and whether they decide to stay in their little school or come home is completely up to them. It's the joy of freedom in education that homeschoolers defend so vehemently.

On a lighter note, my lovely 12 year old decided to make little apple pies for her and her siblings for their lunch. They rocked! She has spent many an hour in the kitchen experimenting with food and learning SO much from it. I imagine this is something she will miss, so I will encourage her to continue it in her free time, since this school does not send homework home. Yay!


  1. oh i wish i could have some of those apple pies..she did a great job making those!!!!!!...and Audrey i support you 100% on the way you have raised and taught your children at home*hugs*...gwen

  2. I don't even bother to give the laundry list about why I dislike the public school anymore. I had a friend announce that she was going to get her degree in teaching (I have one too, so I think she thought I'd be thrilled.) When I wasn't over the moon she asked why. I "disertated" for 15 minutes. She was stunned, my husband was stunned, much stunning going on!
    I feel for you! I was putting myself in your place and had to not think about it anymore. I'm so not ready! Good luck on the new adventure!

  3. Traci, the more time goes by the more people drop out of the institutions. I'm still a zealous advocate of homeschooling, but if not for this particular school and that they share faith and philosophy, they'd still be home with me. There does come a point where many homeschoolers want to "try school" and although it's up to us to let them or not, I think for many they'll always wonder and may just need to know they can if they want to. I missed them like crazy today :-)

  4. You are brave and dedicated mom. Someone I hold in great admiration. I hope their first day went well!

  5. Thanks, Tania! Trust me, it looks great on paper, all this LOL!

  6. Great job on the pies!!! A pro in the making :)