Friday, May 22, 2009

Of chicks and things...

A collection of fun I had this week. I finished my niece's dress just in time for her to get it home last night so as not to be harried today with errands. Her hair and such isn't done, but she's still a gorgeous chick! She'll knock 'em dead.

Somehow school has been slid to the back burner this week as Spring Fling looms in the corner and the prom dress issue has come & gone. It goes like that, your kids become appendages as you run from fire to fire, showing them what you hope is grace under pressure. They need to know that life sometimes takes over, hair cuts, food pantry deliveries, the garden needs straw, etc. I've noticed lately their ability to make the best of close quarters has been greatly aided by the invention of Nintendo DS's that can connect to each other and 3 kids (the ones who fight the most I might add) can all play the same game, together! They actually DO interact, and have fun! Love those things.

I pulled out my pattern folder this week, so my designs wouldn't get stale, and revived my little chicks who had been given a debut but never got to stay out of the dressing room. I think they're just funky and fun enough that girls OR boys can wear them. Birds are enjoying the design spotlight lately, so I think mine fit right in.

Speaking of birds enjoying the spotlight. I stay home for 2 days, and these birds build a nest right on my tire. I was so glad they didn't lay eggs. But geez, it makes you think. Am I that lame that I stay home long enough for birds nests and cob webs to be constructed? Maybe that's good. Save gas, slow down, keep it simple, bla bla bla. But if this is how fast and efficient birds work, I do believe we should clean house and let birds run our government.

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  1. I wish I could stay home two days in a row. It seems all we do is run. Today included. I'm rebelling by not dressing until it is absolutely necessary!