Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yay! I finally did it!

I guess it's official. Here I am, among the multitudes of bloggers, excited at achieving this status, yet pondering my ability to interest anyone in what I have to say.

I'll be showing my creations, of course, and featuring many wonderful crafters and artists from etsy and elsewhere. But first, here's what's going on in KaBoogie land.

On the home front, there's homeschool to finish up for the year, and we're easing into dropping one subject at a time as the kids finish up each book. You homeschoolers know this one. There's this inate need Well, us anal types anyway. I am focusing mostly on my freshman in HS, since I feel strongly that he needs transcripts, I am dotting all my i's, so to speak.

Our teen group, consisting of 11-18 yr olds, is having their Spring Fling. It's a magical night for them, of course. Last year we had an asian theme, transforming a dingy Elks Club into a gorgeous Japanese inspired dinner dance. This year it's "Yellow Submarine". We're concocting giant submarines, Beetles (the car), hippie cutouts for pictures, and a Magical Mystery Tour bus. Dozens of smilies, peace signs, and flowers. The moms are doing the big ticket items, as usual, they get difficult, and the kids are helping wherever possible, because we try to keep some of it a secret from them. I'll be posting pics of our progress.

On the Etsy front, I'm still diligently trying to promote myself in the best possible ways. It's really hard not to waste time with free advertising that doesn't yield results. I'm waiting for my lead test results on some suede samples I sent a while back, I am sure she's VERY busy. Until then, I wait. I want to be CPSIA compliant, and for now this is the best I can do. I've got a large wholesale order coming, a show in June (same time as the dance, YAY!), and another two in the fall. I am also trying to streamline my stock, and find out what REALLY sells. It's a fascinating process with all of the tools we have available!

So this is where I'm at. All of you with kids know the busy life of mom. It's a fulfilling life, one I wouldn't trade for a large manufacturing business making assembly line shoes. A word about my business model next time. I'm curious as to other's models, and how they stick to them. SO much to say after all!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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  1. I can't wait to be "done" for the "schoolyear"! Emma has one book with about 2 lessons left. She is dragging her feet on it!