Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WHY do we do these things?

I am not a candy maker. There, I said it. I can bake, I can sew, paint, build, garden, cook, break boards with my hands, but I can not make candy. How often do we try these things we know we cannot do, just to see the same bungling efforts end in the same ugly result?

I see these gorgeous confections in the stores of my etsy friends, on the shelves in retail land, and I know why they can do it and I cannot. It's because I don't have the candy gene. There, I said it. I'm missing a link of DNA. I need a support group.

Truffles. Anonymous. Yea.

The wondrous wafting odor of cream, butter, corn syrup and oh, probably a bit too much kahlua and amaretto looked great going into the fridge. It just never got hard. Not even enough to roll without dredging our hands in cocoa/powdered sugar. So we finagled these blobs back into the fridge, melted the chocolate, and tried to cover up our shortcomings with a lovely drizzle over the top.

So, you see, that didn't go so well either. Luckily I do not possess the ego gene. So I'm sharing this hilarious mess with you. Thankfully, I did manage to make something I am a little better at! I got a little tipsy eating just a few of them. Yuck.


  1. they don't look that bad lady! I would even go so far as to say they look delish :-)

  2. Hey, as long as you got a little buzz after eating them,(sugar or alcohol)that's what counts in my books!!LOL

  3. Chocolate ALWAYS looks good!