Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Pillow Talk...

Today I am featuring Preethi, from PillowTalks, an exotic glimpse into Indian art:

I am an independent crafter and have been crafting since the age of 7. I love creative arts and enjoy transforming the regular and mundane into beautiful works of art. I firmly believe that art knows no boundaries and has no limits; it spans distances, minds and imaginations. That said; I do not restrict myself to any one form of crafting or using a single medium. So I paint, sew, sculpt, craft - using paper, canvas, fabric, clay, wood - anything I can lay my hands on! I draw inspiration from a variety of things, foremost being culture & nature. I am from India and the country offers us a humongous amount of exposure to art & craft and needless to say that we are well fed on a diet of culture & mythology; an integral part of our life here.

I love the opportunity to meet & see the works of artists all over the globe. At the same time I love the opportunity I have in showcasing the artform I practice here. I love to give others in the world a glimpse of the people & life here through my art works. I look forward to the day when art around the world would be freely accessible to everybody. I believe that every beautiful piece indulges in some intimate conversation before one decides to buy it. Hence, the name pillow talks …

Most of my art pieces resonate the Indian culture & mythology. Of these items shown; one is an intricate form of Indian art which depicts tales from Indian mythology, bright & colourful. Second is banyan leaf painting, I dry the leaf and then paint on it..I prefer painting people from various religions & caste in India in their traditional attire. It’s a very painstaking process to get it right...

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  1. She PAINTS on a leaf! I'm in awe! Love it! She is so talented.